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The Epsom Salts Soak That’s Getting Me Through Flu Season

And it smells wonderful!

It’s been a tough flu season; twice this year I’ve been miserable with symptoms of chills, aches, coughing, and just generally feeling awful.  Along with cold meds and chicken soup, the one thing that’s helped me feel human again is taking an Epsom salts bath. Why Epsom salts, and not regular bath salts or even dead sea salt? (more…)

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73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

First it was Anna Wintour, and now Victoria Beckham takes the 73 Questions challenge.

Watch the posh British Beauty take us on a tour of her London location while answering 73 heart-warming, comical, and outrageous questions. Which answer shocked you the most? And what did you learn about the former Spice Girl?   By Malika Renée


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