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5 Eye Looks You Can Rock With Your Mask | The Beauty Guide
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5 Eye Looks You Can Rock With Your Mask

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, wearing masks has become mandatory and since they cover half of your face, everyone’s had to adjust their makeup routine. Our ever so loved lipstick collection remains untouched. It’s all about showcasing our makeup artistry skills on our brows and eyes. If you’re looking to make your eyes pop while wearing a mask, here are some ideas you can rock.                        By Mursal Rahmann

1) Colourful Winged Liner

Instead of using your typical black liner,  grab a blue or a green one instead. Try a glitter liner to give your eyes some sparkle.  Some of my favourite liners are the NYX Vivid Brights Liner and Glitter Goals Liquid Liner.



2) Go Graphic

Get creative with your eyeliner.  The graphic eyeliner trend is popular on the runways; no one said you can’t rock it while running errands too. A great eyeliner to do this is the NYX Epic Ink Liner or the NYX Matte Liner.



3) Use Complimentary Colours

To create a bold look use a shade that is the opposite colour of your masks. This will easily make your eyes the focal point of your face.



4) Party Animal 

Let your eyes be your canvas. Halloween is coming and this is a great way to incorporate your mask in your look. This may require more skill, but there’s no better time of the year to try a more elaborate face makeup look than Halloween.



5) Create a Monochromatic Look

If you have no idea what colour eyeshadow to use, why not create a look that matches your mask? This way your mask becomes more like an accessory rather than a responsibility. 



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