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A Rocking Head Scarf from Versace for H&M.

I know everyone’s crushing on the Versace for H&M clothing line that was launched in New York last week, but it was the humble hanky headscarf, looking chic in black leather that caught my eye as it paraded down the runway. The handkerchief headscarf emerged as a key accessory for spring 2011 and looks to continue into next year.

Versace backstage hair

What counts with a headscarf is the way it is worn and tied. In the rock style of bikers and musicians, these were worn with the widest part of the kerchief along the forehead above the eyebrows, with the ends of the triangle pulled back and tied over the hair at the back. Stylish and a great way to cover roots in need of a dye job; what’s not to love? Not sure if they were just a stylistic touch or part of the collection for sale, but it sure looks hot.

Emilio Pucci 2011 Headscarf

Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2011

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