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Ryerson University

I’m a contract professor at Ryerson University, in the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Design, specializing in fashion communications.


Photo: Fashionista

Photo: Fashionista

1. JRN 504 Fashion Journalism

The course aims to teach the fundamentals of the fashion industry via an international and local survey of current media and practices; specific reporting formats and applied analytical theories. It will introduce students to a subject-specific lexicon and explore current challenges and developments to the fashion media landscape. One will begin to understand how to put together a ‘magazine’ that communicates to a specific market and as well as production considerations such as pace, visual language, etc.



Photo: Harpers Bazaar


2. CDFC 101 Fashion Coordination

This course is an introduction to the various sectors of the fashion industry that utilizes fashion coordination skills. We discuss adapting a fashion appearance to create an image for self or for working with clientele. It will acquaint students with the principles and practices of an image consulting industry. It may include concepts of demographics, customer awareness, personal colouring, figure considerations, wardrobe planning, and selection.


Photo: Fashionista.com


3. CDFC 104 Creating The Image

This course will acquaint students with the common references and sources of inspiration used by designers, stylists, and virtually every creative person involved in creating an image. It will introduce the image-makers, fashion icons, historical eras, timeless garments, movie screen classics, social groups and cultural inspiration used as ’shorthand’ for fashion communication. Topics may include magazine covers, advertising, street style imagery, music, movies, celebrity icons, beauty and fashion.   Principles and practices for creating successful images including photography, cinematography, lighting, composition, mood, consistency, repetition, aspirational story telling, hair styling, makeup artistry, models, taste level, and memorability may be discussed.


Photo: Business of Fashion


4. CDFC 105 Fashion shows and events 

This course is an introduction to the various methods fashion designers use to present their collections to the public, press, and buyers for profit, brand awareness, art, internet and social media coverage.  It may review how to produce standard catwalk shows, informal presentations, special events, and parties that are a treat for all the senses and that people talk about for months to come. Event production may be covered including concept , theme, audience, floor plan, schedule, vendor relations, talent and contract negotiation, models, fittings, choreography, technical services, advertising and promotion, press kits, program and poster production, and any related special services

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