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The Epsom Salts Soak That’s Getting Me Through Flu Season

And it smells wonderful!

It’s been a tough flu season; twice this year I’ve been miserable with symptoms of chills, aches, coughing, and just generally feeling awful.  Along with cold meds and chicken soup, the one thing that’s helped me feel human again is taking an Epsom salts bath. Why Epsom salts, and not regular bath salts or even dead sea salt?

Well, Epsom (as in Epsom, England) salt is not a salt at all, but rather the mineral magnesium sulfate, which is soluble in water.  Magnesium helps relax you both physically and mentally.

What I really LOVE about  Dr Teal’s® Pure Epsom Salts Relax & Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint is the SCENT!   Having the flu makes me quite sensitive to smells, and  sometimes I find eucalyptus, by itself, a bit too sharp.  But this blend with spearmint is a winner! My bathroom smells ‘mah-velous’  just from storing the salts. I mix a cup of Dr. Teals with a cup of regular Epsom salts ( available at most drugstores,  grocery and natural food stores), and add to running  bath water to help it dissolve. The water temperature should be warm, but not hot. Submerge your flu racked body in this scented magnesium rich water, and relax for 10 – 2o minutes, or before your fingers shrivel up like a prune. A word of caution. If you feel weak or dizzy after using a sauna or hot tub, skip this type of bath, or finish with a cool rinse.

There’s a down side for skin, when taking a long bath during the  winter; it causes dryness.  After soaking, pat skin dry and slather on a rich body moisturizer. I’m currently using  The Body Shop’s Japanese Camellia Cream Velvet Moisture Body Cream,  which has a luxurious whipped, creamy texture.

Now you’re ready to rest and sleep, which is always what the doctor orders when you’ve got the flu!

Dr Teal’s® Pure Epsom Salts Relax & Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint. $9.99 Available at Shoppers Drug Mart



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